ŠKODA, one of the longest-established car manufacturers in the world, has created a new and unique brand experience, bringing customers and ŠKODA partners closer together. We are consistently preparing to become the most user centered mobility brand.

It is our endeavor to make every stage of your journey with ŠKODA a friction-less and a hassle-free one. It will be apparent from the moment you book a test drive till you upgrade to another ŠKODA model.

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Buying a new car?

Award Winning product range.

Ever since the automotive industry’s pioneering days, the ŠKODA brand has been turning out cutting-edge technologies and inventions. With new crystalline designs that make our cars even more striking, you can choose from four thoughtfully designed and engineered cars.

Seamless Phydigital Experience

We have integrated the physical aspect of in-store shopping and the online aspect of research seamlessly.

Dedicated Sales Hotline

We have a dedicated team of employees across the country working hard every day to make sure we deliver the superior experience. Call/Chat/Email/SMS - We are available for you.

One Click Test Drive

You can book a test drive online from the comfort of your house or office to get a comprehensive understanding of the car.

Digitally Empowered showrooms

Walk into our completely new and spacious vehicle display areas and dedicated customer section and a range of other facilities, visiting our showrooms is a delightful experience.

Personalised Attention

We’re in the business of detail, and detail is unique to every customer.

Multiple Test Drive options

We don’t believe in hasty decisions, take your time to fall in love with the ŠKODA Drive.

What about the maintenance and service of a ŠKODA, you ask?

ŠKODA Shield Plus

Your ŠKODA can take you to great places. That's why we want to make sure you'll be happy long after you've left the showroom. ŠKODA SHIELD PLUS will ensure 6 years of carefree driving with zero worries of ownership experience for all ŠKODA customers.

6 Years Warranty
6 Year Roadside Assistance
4 Year Maintenance Package

Ready to buy ŠKODA?

Personalised offers by ŠKODA Finance

Our Financial solutions are as diverse as our customers. A one-stop shop for all your financial requirements - tailored to your needs from the various new-age finance and insurance products.

Exchange your old car within minutes

Whether it is post-sales paperwork, ownership transfer, or verifying the bonafides of the buyer, we do it all so that you don't have to.

ŠKODA Easybuy & Leasing Services

We want to serve your specific demands through superior 'value for money' products and services. These tailor-made ownership programs will deliver an enhanced ownership experience to customers.

Purchased the ŠKODA? This is just the beginning of our Journey!

Welcome Call

The success of ŠKODA’S customer onboarding relies heavily on the first contact made by the brand via the ŠKODA Relationship Centre to understand customer's ownership experience in the initial stages..

Multiple home visits

A Home Visit by our experts after every ŠKODA car is delivered to ensure complete customer delight.


Your complete ownership experience in your hand.

Purchased the ŠKODA? This is just the beginning of our Journey!

1 year or 15k Service interval

Our Service Interval is the longest in the industry which means less visits to the service centre, and more time with your ŠKODA. This guarantees a smooth ride and promise a great experience with the brand.

Regular updates

You don’t have to worry about setting reminders, that’s what we’re here for.

Servicing a ŠKODA is even easier than buying one. Let us explain.

Pick up and Drop Services

Hectic life and tricky working hours? Just ask for a pick up and drop service and let us take care of everything else.

Paperless workshop experience

Saving the environment and your time.

Same Day delivery on periodic maintenance.

Our assured same day delivery service helps you go about your daily schedule when your car undergoes its periodic service with us. Our delivery policy makes sure of less low down time, just book your service in advance and helps us turn around faster and makes things convenient for you.

Transparent Service cost prior to booking service

Surprises are great, but your car servicing bill shouldn’t be one. Thanks to our Service Cost Calculator, you can now estimate your total expenses. Because to us you are our first priority, therefore when it comes to billing and expenses we wouldn’t like to keep you in the dark.

How do we have the lowest cost of ownership in our segment?

Transparent and itemized billing

We have introduced the new feature of Itemised Billing, so that you know exactly what you pay for and why. We believe in transparency and trust, from parts to our billing methods.

Competitive price of spare parts

Low cost and high quality spare parts available at all times.

Warranty on parts - 2 years or unlimited kms

Parts installed by authorized ŠKODA dealers are assured for two years with unlimited kilometers - unique in the industry.

New Warehouses for faster delivery

Three new Regional Distribution Centre in Pune, NCR and Bangalore contribute to providing parts and components to dealers across the nation just in the nick of time.

Dedicated customer support via chat/call/email

ŠKODA has an exclusive helpline which believes in resolving all your doubts, so that you have a better ŠKODA experience.

Regular Feedback survey

Tell us all about your experience. We’re Listening.

Exclusive referral programs

Referral programs that gives you amazing offers on your existing ŠKODA car.

Invite to ŠKODA events and dedicated ŠKODA owner communities

If you are a ŠKODA owner you’ll enjoy all kind of benefit by being a part of ŠKODATribe

Amazing loyalty offers for an upgrade

A tailored loyalty program to help you upgrade from your existing ŠKODA to a newer one.

Ready to take Our relationship to the next level?

Peace of Mindcomes naturally with a ŠKODA!

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